Preseason 2021

AAMI Community Series Player Watchlist

Footy is back! Tonight the AAMI Community Series gets underway. It’s our final chance to see players in a semi-competitive hitout before the round one lockout in a fortnight. So we asked members of the panel to list some players that are on their watchlist.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making this Preseason

It’s happened every year, and it’ll happen again in 2021, where fantasy coaches destroy their preseason with careless coaching choices. Here are just some of the mistakes you need to avoid making this preseason.

Take On The Panel | Head To Head League Codes

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the Coaches Panel in DreamTeam, SuperCoach or AFL Fantasy? Below are the league codes where you can take on the panel members in a head to head combat.

10 Low Ownership SuperCoach Preseason Targets

We are now just over 20 days away from the first game kicking off for the SuperCoach season. With so many teams looking similar, I thought I’d look at what high quality players aren’t in more than 10% of teams. So I decided to look at 10 Low Ownership SuperCoach Preseason Targets.

#1 Most Relevant | Jake Lloyd

You’ve made it! 50 players in 50 days. Why do I have Jake Lloyd as the most relevant player in 2021? I’m glad you asked.

#2 Most Relevant | Max Gawn

For the past three seasons, Max Gawn has reigned supreme as one of the best players across all game formats. Entering into 2021, I see little reasons why this might change.

#5 Most Relevant | Patrick Dangerfield

For years Patrick Dangerfield has been a prominent feature of our fantasy football sides. With him now available to be picked in our forward lines it feels like an easy selection. But is he someone you can start with?