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Ripe For The Picking | Round 6

As we enter into round six of the 2020 season it’s time to look players are ripe for the picking over the next few weeks. One thing that separates good coaches from great coaches is that they aren’t just looking at trades for this week. Rather great coaches are looking

SuperCoach Player of the Decade | Adelaide Crows

During ‘iso life’ many fantasy footy sites (ours included) have gone into hiding. However, to pass the time we’ve decided to look at who I believe has been the best SuperCoach performer from each AFL club over the past ten years.

Marsh Community Series Review | Cats Vs Bombers

This was a fun game with which to end the preseason. It was a low scoring arm-wrestle but highly entertaining with both clubs apparently giving it their all. Here are a few final notes to finish your preseason homework before the next podcast drops:

Marsh Community Series Review | Cats Vs Suns

This was quite an entertaining game for the neutral – the Suns played most of their available best players and they were good to watch. Slick ball movement, good options & contests and plenty of goals.

#17 Most Relevant | Patrick Dangerfield

The loss of DPP will mean he’s in substantially fewer teams this year than last. However, the departure of Tim Kelly could be the reason he needs to be in your team.

UltimateFooty | Potential DPP’s for 2020

After the initial release, there is often an imbalance – as there is this time with top-end forward-listed players. So will the UltimateFooty gods throw us a bone and grant a few more DPPs? And who could they be?